This fall/winter 2019/20, summer friendships continue in the chilly streets of
a London that is glimpsed more than recognized.

Heading to London on a whim. Spontaneous. Urban. Tomorrow, they’ll be somewhere else, in another place but same sense of style. When they’re together, places and dates hardly matter. They realised a long time ago
that what really counts is not the location but the people.

Their timeless silhouettes are a perfect match with the pavement and the Formica tables of a coffee shop in the neighbourhood. The unisex La Maison AMV pieces seem like family clothing, capable of crossing the eras and traveling through time while looking as glistening as ever. Exclusive vibrant colours — peach, hyacinth, bush green, clementine or the blue of raw denim — dancing in harmony like when reciting a poem.

Endlessly layered or worn over bare skin knits let each personality shine. It’s a weekend of uncontrollable laughter, improvised parties, unexpected encounters, moments suspended in time. A story that they’ll want to tell before starting all over again.
Photo : Julia Champeau (Artlist)
Models : Angele Metzger,
Mathilde Warnier, Connor Newall
Movie Director : Thomas Lachambre
Make up Artist : Satoko (Artlist)
Hair Stylist : Joseph Pujalte (Artlist)
Stylist : Jonathan Huguet (Artlist)
Production : La Multinationale